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About Us

Premier Law Group is a law firm that specializes in assisting investors and business owners protect their hard-earned wealth and secure their assets.  The firm also assists entrepreneurs with their private placements as they seek to raise capital for investment projects.

Our commitment is to not only to deliver outstanding service and develop life-long client relationships, but we also strive to educate throughout the process, so our clients become better informed as they reach their financial goals.  The firm’s founding partner and CEO, Mauricio J. Rauld, Esq. is a nationally recognized expert in both asset protection and private placements who, as a noted lecturer, has traveled across the country speaking to business groups and is a frequent contributor to The Real Estate Guys Radio show (click here for full bio).

Asset Protection

Unfortunately we live in the most litigious country in the world with nearly 1.4 million lawsuits filed every year.  All this results in the unsettling reality that if you own a business or practice a profession, you have a one in three chance of being named a defendant in a lawsuit in the next year.

Asset protection can no longer be viewed as a luxury or an option to consider, but rather smart business planning that has become a virtual necessity, just like any other form of insurance.  At Premier Law Group, we take the time to understand your personal circumstances and asset protection needs and tailor a customized asset protection plan for your specific situation.

Private Placements

A Private Placement, often referred to as a Syndication, or an Offering, is simply the pooling of money with the intent to transact business or invest in an opportunity such as real estate or other business venture.  It is important to remember that anytime you use ‘other people’s money’ to raise capital for a particular investment or business opportunity with the intent of managing that money yourself and providing your investors with a return on their investment, you are most likely issuing securities and thus need to comply with Securities and Exchange Commission’s (“SEC”) rules and regulations, as well as State law.

Checkbook IRAs

It is estimated that only about 3% of retirement accounts are held in some sort of self-directed custodial account, which allows you to invest your investment account in alternative investments, like real estate, precious metals, businesses, tax liens and loans.  And of that 3%, only a small fraction take advantage of the Checkbook IRA, LLC, which allows you almost unlimited investment options, which you manage.

Checkbook IRA, LLCs are simply newly formed limited liability companies that become owned by the IRA Custodian.  The LLC is funded with the IRA funds and are managed by the account holder, thus giving the account holder the necessary control.  Checkbook IRA, LLCs aren’t for everyone and cautions must be exercised in realizing that the same IRS rules and regulations that apply to your IRA, still apply to your Checkbook IRA, LLC, so no ‘Prohibited Transactions’ or doing business with ‘Related Parties.’

Mauricio J. Rauld, Esq.

Mauricio is the founder and CEO of Premier Law Group, a boutique securities and asset protection law firm.  As a nationally recognized expert on private placements and asset protection, Mauricio works with elite entrepreneurs who seek to increase and protect their wealth through syndications.  Mauricio specializes in Reg D exempt offerings and educates investors from around the world on how to navigate the complex world of securities laws.  Known for taking complex matters and making them simple to understand, Mauricio is sometimes, jokingly, referred to as one of the few lawyers who actually speaks English.

Mauricio currently lives on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize as he acts as general counsel to the three largest real estate developers in all of Belize (Mahogany Bay Village, Kanantik, and Sanctuary Belize).

Regularly traveling around the U.S. as a noted speaker to business groups, Mauricio is also as regular contributor to The Real Estate Guys™ Radio show (consistently one of the most downloaded podcast on real estate investing) and is Robert Helms’ personal advisor.

Twice a year, Mauricio joins Ken McElroy (master syndicator with close to 10,000 apartment units totaling $500m) and The Real Estate Guys™ to teach a few hundred students, the ‘Secrets of Successful Syndication’ a comprehensive course on raising capital for entrepreneurs.

Once a year, Mauricio shares the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad, best selling financial author of all times), Tom Hopkins, Simon Black, Peter Schiff, and others as a faculty member of the ‘Summit at Sea’, a week long high-level summit with elite, like-minded real estate entrepreneurs.

Finally, Mauricio is also a member of the elite group of “EVG Advisors” who along with the Elevation Group,™ are committed wholeheartedly to provide real education often overlooked by traditional educators.  Mauricio also acts as Mike Dillard’s personal asset protection lawyer.

With over 16 years of experience, Mauricio has previously been selected as a “Southern California Rising Star” by the Southern California Super Lawyers Magazine, recognizing him as one of the top 2.5% up-and-coming lawyers in Southern California.  A graduate of The University of California at Berkeley, Mauricio obtained his Juris Doctorate degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, where he was a member of the Scott Moot Court Honors Board.  He lives in Belize, with his wife, Heidi, and their daughter.